Laser vibrometry

ISVR Consulting has a state-of-the art Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) which is used to measure the vibration of a variety of structures where a non-contact method is preferable to the traditional use of an accelerometer. Such a system is highly sophisticated and can be used to assist in resolving noise and vibration problems in the design, manufacturing, research and development of structures.

The main advantage of an LDV is that the laser beam can be targeted to areas which are difficult to access, or which are simply too small to attach a typical accelerometer.  The LDV also has the advantage of avoiding the mass-loading effect of the accelerometer on the structure. Furthermore, it can be used to measure at very high, even ultrasonic, frequencies (up to 22 kHz in our in-house setup).

The LDV uses an optical transducer, working on the doppler principle, whereby the instrumentation measures a frequency shift of the back-scattered light from the vibrating surface. 

ISVR Consulting is capable of measuring the vibration response of many types of structure, such as the  excursion of loudspeaker diaphragms, car door panels and other surfaces that require a non-contacting measurement method.