Noise and vibration measurement  

ISVR Consulting's business is noise and vibration in all their aspects. We can undertake measurements and testing out in the field, on your site or in our own test rooms at Southampton. Some measurements are needed to check compliance with standards or regulations, while other tests may be exploratory to control noise and vibration, improve building acoustics, reduce personal noise or vibration exposures, or to identify problems to assist product design and development.  



NPAS Helicopter

We have measured occupational noise exposures and assessed hearing protection in helicopters

 Examples of our services include

Our noise measurement capabilities are supported by our extensive acoustic test facilities and specialist equipment.

We also provide training and specialist courses in aspects of noise and vibration to meet your requirements.


rail-mounted gantry crane

Structure-borne vibration caused a noise problem in a rail-mounted gantry crane

ISVR Consulting can assist with the following:

At ISVR Consulting we are well equipped with accelerometers and associated test equipment, and we have recently upgraded our hand-arm and whole-body vibration monitoring equipment.