Ultrasonic measurements

ISVR Consulting are able to measure sound pressure levels at ultrasonic frequencies, i.e. frequencies above the normal audible range.  Examples of projects have included

Measurements can be made in our anechoic chamber under well-controlled conditions, or on-site if the source of the ultrasound is a large item of plant or part of a large installation.

In exposed individuals, ultrasound can cause unpleasant feelings, including temporary nausea, at levels below those dangerous to hearing. When ultrasonic equipment is used in the workplace we can assess the measured sound levels against guideline limits, to ensure the comfort and well being of those working nearby, as well as their safety.

In 2001 we completed a literature review entitled “Damage to human hearing by airborne sound of very high frequency or ultrasonic frequency” for the Health & Safety Executive.  This report, HSE CCR 343/2001 is still relevant and available in Acrobat (pdf) format from the HSE website.  A more recent summary is available in “Exposure limits for airborne sound of very high frequency and ultrasonic frequency” by B.W. Lawton, ISVR Technical Report No: 334, April 2013. (pdf 120 KB)