Industrial and machinery noise and vibration


Industrial noise and vibration has traditionally accounted for a large part of the work undertaken by ISVR Consulting. We have experience over a very wide range of industries, large and small, including:

Photograph: Industrial pumps.

Fluid pumps in industrial sites, water pumping stations and on boats frequently cause noise problems through structure- and water-borne noise transmission

Assessments of industrial noise may be necessary:

Assessment of vibration may also be needed:

Can the noise and vibration be reduced at source? That is the always the best solution. Do we need to interfere with the transmission path of the noise? Or do we need to resort to hearing protection as a last resort to protect workers, or vibration isolation of sensitive equipment? 

ISVR Consulting undertake noise and vibration assessments of plant, engines, machinery or tools on site, in factories or construction sites, in vehicles or on-board ships, to identify problems and recommend noise and vibration control strategies. 

We can measure the sound power or noise levels of machines and tools in our anechoic and reverberant chambers.  We can undertake equipment development and design work, identifying the dominant sources of noise and vibration in machines or tools and effective means to control them.

We also undertake measurements of transmission loss or sound absorption products in our laboratories.


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