Acoustic test facilities

ISVR Consulting operates ISVR's Rayleigh Laboratories.

Photograph: The Large Anechoic Room at ISVR Consulting.

The large anechoic room
Photo courtesy University of Southampton

Photograph: The product development lab at ISVR Consulting.

The product development laboratory

The Rayleigh Laboratories on the main campus include two reverberation chambers, a large anechoic chamber, a product development lab for noise and vibration, a combustion noise rig and a range of electrodynamic shakers. The laboratories are well served with comprehensive control and preparation areas. A wide range of modern, highly specialised instrumentation is available. Single and three phase electrical supplies at 50, 60 and 400 Hz, compressed air and cooling water can be provided. Mechanical workshop and handling facilities are readily accessible.

A wide range of measurements are offered to national and international standards, including

Access is also available to testing and research facilities, such as wind tunnels and water tanks for underwater acoustics, which are operated by other groups or departments at the University of Southampton. A booklet giving information about Our Facilities for potential users can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format (316 KB).

The facilities are complemented by a comprehensive suite of noise and vibration measurement and analysis equipment, dedicated automotive NVH manipulation software, optical and laser torsional measurement equipment, multi-channel high-speed data acquisition, digital sound quality and editing software.  Analytical facilities include Finite Element, Statistical Energy, and Modal Analysis packages and Matlab.