Short courses, meetings and conferences

ISVR Consulting, the ISVR and the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment offer regular courses in various aspects of noise and vibration. Some courses are designed to give an introduction for those new to noise and vibration, while other courses are more specialised.  The courses are open to everyone. 


Short course on Automotive NVH

A course on Automotive NVH will be held at the University of Southampton in September 2018.  The dates and programme have not yet been finalised, but will be announced when known.   The programme for the September 2017 course is still available on our website for reference.

Course overview

The trend in recent years towards more socially acceptable vehicles has been accelerated by increasing legislative requirements. This, coupled with the major selling points of interior refinement and branding through acoustic signature, has meant that, for the manufacturers, understanding the fundamentals of automotive noise and vibration is more important than ever.

The Course will primarily be aimed at engineers in design, development, research and applications and will provide an intensive presentation of the fundamental principles of engine and vehicle noise and vibration generation and control. Emphasis will be placed upon both the theory of design and practice of construction, and recent advances in research and development will be considered.

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Bespoke courses

ISVR Consulting can also provide special courses tailored to the needs of individual companies or industries.  Examples of possible topics include

These courses, which are typically one or two days in length, may be held either in Southampton, or at a client’s premises.  If you would like a course tailored to your needs, please contact us, without obligation, to discuss your requirements.

Meetings and Conferences

Dr Christos Karatsovis will be giving a presentation on The impact of low-frequency vibration and live measurement of local vibration sources at the Institute of Acoustics Building Isolation Workshop This will take place on Tuesday, 20 March 2018, at the Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG. 

The workshop is an opportunity to look at the practicalities of measuring, predicting and isolating ground-borne vibration. With a focus on method, this workshop presents topics on the fundamentals of vibration and measurement, a prediction methodology and the practicalities to consider when introducing structural or whole-building isolation. 

ISVR Consulting staff regularly present papers at meetings and conferences, and further details will appear here.      


Short courses and workshops

Details of short courses and continuing professional development  opportunities at the ISVR and in the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment are available on line.

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