Short courses, meetings and conferences

ISVR Consulting, the ISVR and the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences offer regular courses in various aspects of noise and vibration. Some courses are designed to give an introduction for those new to noise and vibration, while other courses are more specialised.  The courses are open to everyone. 


Bespoke courses

ISVR Consulting can also provide special courses tailored to the needs of individual companies or industries.  Examples of possible topics include

These courses, which are typically one or two days in length, may be held either in Southampton, or at a client’s premises.  If you would like a course tailored to your needs, please contact us, without obligation, to discuss your requirements.

Meetings and Conferences

Simon Roberts and Malcolm Smith of ISVR Consulting will be presenting a paper, Active noise control, at the joint Institute of Acoustics and Health & Safety Executive meeting on Low-noise design to be held on 18 September 2019 at the Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG.

Piotr Golacki (ISVR Consulting) and David Thompson (ISVR) presented a paper The vibro-acoustic behaviour of infinite homogeneous and composite rods: Application for distributed optical fibre acoustic sensors at ACOUSTICS 2019, the Institute of Acoustics Annual Conference, 13-14 May 2019, in Milton Keynes. The paper is now available from our reprints and publications page.

ISVR Consulting staff regularly present papers at meetings, conferences and workshops.      


Advanced course on Aeroacoustics and Noise Control, September 2019

The ISVR Advanced Course on Aeroacoustics and Noise Control is a five-day taught course in Sound and Vibration led by world-class experts in their fields. It is held annually.  The next course will be at the ISVR, University of Southampton, from Monday 2nd  to Friday 6th September 2019. 

The first two days provide a ‘refresher’ course in the fundamentals of sound and vibration, and are followed by a three-day ‘advanced’  course in either Aeroacoustics or Noise Control.  The two refresher days are common to both streams.  The Aeroacoustics and Noise Control options are then run as parallel streams over the next three days.  Although there are two distinct streams, delegates can, if they wish, mix lectures from the different streams to suit their specific interests.

Course delegates can attend for the full five days of the refresher and advanced course, or just for the three days of the advanced course. 

Advanced Course in Noise Control

The Advanced Course in Noise Control outlines the underlying principles of noise control, examines the character of noise in some key applications and discusses how noise may be reduced by design or palliative treatment.

Advanced Course in Aeroacoustics

The Advanced Course in Aeroacoustics provides an introduction to the phenomena involved in the prediction and control of noise generated by flow, with an emphasis on the physics and modelling that underpin predictive acoustic analysis. 

Course Features

Further details

The fees for the Avanced Course will be as follows:

Five-day Refresher plus Advanced Course:
Residential - £1650
Non-residential - £1450

Three-day Advanced Course only:
Residential - £1450
Non-residential - £1250

Our residential option includes accommodation in a university hall of residence. Both fees include course literature for your chosen stream and a course dinner on Thursday evening.

There will be a discount of £100 for applications received before 1 July 2019.

The brochure for the 2019 course, which includies contact and booking details, is now available.   Please note that the NVH option offered in 2018 will not be running in 2019.


Short courses and workshops

Details of short courses and continuing professional development  opportunities at the ISVR and in the School of Engineering are available on line.