Short courses, meetings and conferences

ISVR Consulting, the ISVR and the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences offer regular courses in various aspects of noise and vibration. Some courses are designed to give an introduction for those new to noise and vibration, while other courses are more specialised.  The courses are open to everyone. 


Meetings and Conferences

Simon Roberts will be giving a presentation on Application of Active Noise Control to Transport Systems to the Institute of Acoustics Noise and Vibration Engineering Group, online via Zoom, at 1pm on 23 November 2021. This event is free to members of the IOA and the public. For further details on joining the Zoom meeting visit this IOA webpage.

There has always been a requirement for reducing weight and improving comfort in transport systems but, for both commercial and environmental reasons, these have become increasingly significant. Since its development in the 1980s, Active Noise Control (ANC) has offered a route to achieving these two, conflicting, aspirations. The massive increases in computing power and developments in the algorithms available which have taken place since then, are now bearing fruit, and ANC is finally achieving the market penetration it has always aspired to.

This presentation will outline the background of ANC and its application to transport systems. It will provide an overview of the technology, the algorithms used, the benefits it can bring, and the limitations. Applications to planes, trains and automobiles will be discussed, and how the latest developments are being incorporated into the move towards vehicles as entertainment spaces.

Erika Quaranta and Malcolm Smith of ISVR Consulting recently presented two papers at the Internoise 2021 conference which was held online from 1 to 5 August 2021, and a paper at Acoustics 2021.  The full papers are can be downloaded from our reprints page.

ISVR Consulting staff regularly present papers at meetings, conferences and workshops, and further events will be announced here. 


Bespoke courses

ISVR Consulting can also provide special courses tailored to the needs of individual companies or industries.  Examples of possible topics include

These courses, which are typically one or two days in length, may be held either in Southampton, or at a client’s premises.  If you would like a course tailored to your needs, please contact us, without obligation, to discuss your requirements.

Short courses and workshops

Details of short courses and continuing professional development  opportunities at the ISVR and in the School of Engineering are available on line.