The Building Regulations: Sound insulation testing

Noise or vibration from neighbouring premises can be intrusive or annoying. That's why the Building Regulations set out minimum performance requirements to limit noise transmitted through walls and floors. 

There are standard tests to measure the sound insulation between rooms or houses, and  The requirements for walls and floors cover the resistance to transmission of airborne sound from room to room.  Additional requirements for floors cover  the sound generated by impacts and footfalls in upstairs rooms and heard in rooms below. A special tapping machine is used in testing floors.

 ‘Approved Document E’ of the Building Regulations requires new or refurbished residential properties to conform to Robust Detail designs, or to undergo pre-completion testing (PCT).  Provided there are no test failures, it is sufficient to randomly test one set of rooms for every ten house or flats.  The testing must be carried out by approved companies which are either UKAS Accredited or Registered with the Association of Noise Consultants.

ISVR Consulting is ANC registered and able to undertake the necessary tests and assessments to check compliance with the airborne noise requirements of the Building Regulations.  ISVR Consulting can also assist in the preparation of remedial schemes where the existing construction is found wanting.