Noise and vibration engineering software

ISVR Consulting has been producing software for sound and vibration engineering since the early days of the IBM-PC.

Screen shot from GenView

Screen shot from GenView software

Our primary activity has been writing bespoke software for use in the automotive, marine and general machinery sectors.

This has ranged from a small utility to convert data formats, right up to complex noise prediction software used across a multi-national company.

We have a particularly good understanding of the issues involved with running software on computers in a controlled corporate environment.

We also have two packages that can be made available “off the shelf”.



GenView is an easy to use data visualisation, plotting, and manipulation program.

This is often made available free of charge to companies who work with us so that data supplied by us can be analysed in more detail as and when required.



Accelerometers on the ground

Screen shot from EngWaves

EngWaves is a flexible and easy to use Spectrum Analyser and Time History recorder.

We have expertise in producing end of line noise monitoring equipment and have produced highly customised systems for a number of automotive component suppliers. EngWaves was designed to be the starting point for these systems.

However EngWaves is equally suitable for use as a low cost off the shelf spectrum analyser and sound recorder.

It can work with both selected soundcards and more professional front ends, and so can be used as either a very low cost system or a more ambitious multi-channel system.

Much of our work involves making spectral measurements in hostile environments such as engine test cells and vehicles, and so EngWaves has been designed to be easy and reliable to use in such applications. This makes it particularly suitable for use by non-specialist engineers who need to do some sound and vibration engineering but may not have the time or need to master a complex modern software system.

EngWaves is used extensively in-house for our automotive and marine work, and is particularly useful in marine environments where the risk of total loss, and certain degradation from salt spray, make more expensive systems unattractive.