Gas turbine noise and vibration control

Gas turbines are being used increasingly for the generation of power and heat in a wide range of industrial applications. These include the energy requirements for office complexes, hospitals, leisure centres and for the pumping of fuel in pipelines. Applications are also widespread in the chemical and petro-chemical industry, including the offshore industry.

Gas turbine installation in Scotland

A gas turbine installation in Scotland

Gas turbines are, by their very nature, extremely noisy. Expensive silencing is needed to keep the noise to acceptable limits for hearing conservation and to meet ever more demanding environmental noise criteria.

ISVR Consulting has worked on gas turbine noise studies for over ten years. Field studies have been carried out in England, Scotland, France, the USA, Holland, Canada, Morocco, Macau and Scandinavia, as well as in the North Sea and Irish Sea.  Tests are carried out according to International Standards, or to clients specifications, to assess compliance with noise limits and to investigate and control excessive noise and vibration.  ISVR Consulting has also been developing alternative techniques that are more accurate for the measurement of gas turbine exhaust noise.