PPG 24 Planning and noise

ISVR Consulting can assist with the assessment of suitability of sites for new noise-sensitive developments in accordance with the Planning Policy Guidance (PPG) 24 “Planning and noise”, by the Department of the Environment.  Although superseded by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), published in March 2012, some authorities still refer to PPG 24.

For new dwellings, PPG 24 recommends the use of ‘Noise Exposure Category’ (NEC) bands, designed to assist Local Authorities in evaluating planning applications for residential developments near to or affected by road, rail, air and ‘mixed’ noise sources.  A proposed development will fall into one of four NEC bands, based on the noise levels at the site.  Normally 24-hour surveys are carried out on site to establish the average (LAeq) levels for night-time and daytime periods.

The assessment is then based on these four NEC bands, from lowest to highest noise levels:

ISVR Consulting can also assist in minimising the potentially adverse impact of noise on proposed noise sensitive developments should the assessment from PPG 24 suggests that planning permission may not be granted.