Noise propagation, modelling and mapping

CadnaA Model of University Campus

CadnaA Model of the University Campus

ISVR Consulting uses the CadnaA modelling software to predict, calculate, assess, and display environmental noise radiated from roads, railways and industrial sites. 

CadnaA models sound propagation and can handle complex situations with multiple noise sources and complex layouts of barriers, buildings and obstacles of various dimensions  which may screen or reflect noise. It uses calculation methods and algorithms which comply with national and international standards and guidelines.

We can assess and map the sound field withiin proposed residential and industrial developments to optimise the site layout and mitigate high noise levels, to assess the benefits of acoustic barriers and screening, or to predict noise radiated from sites to minimise their noise impact in the surrounding area.  As a simple example, the picture on the left shows the output from a CadnaA model of the Highfield Campus of the University of Southampton, based on estimated traffic flows on the surrounding roads.

This modelling approach may also be used to carry out Environmental Impact Assessments as part of larger development schemes.

Acknowledgement: CadnaA is a registered trademerk of DataKustik GmbH