Environmental and community noise

Our services include the measurement, prediction and control of noise and vibration in the community caused by:

We can assist with the assessment of the suitability of sites for new developments in accordance with the Noise Exposure Categories in Planning Policy Guidance PPG 24 Planning and Noise, and with assessments of noise using BS 4142 “Method for rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas”.

Current or  recent projects include the preparation of evidence on noise for an Inquiry into the increased use of a military training range,  assisting a local authority which was objecting to the further development of a container terminal at a nearby port, and managing a feasibility study to investigate methods of assessing sleep disturbance from aircraft noise around an airport.

Other completed projects include the ‘Black Country Forging and Foundry Project’  to investigate cost effective means of reducing noise in the community from forges and foundries. The findings were published in the form of a handbook “Reducing Noise from Forges and Foundries - the Handbook of the Black Country Forging and Foundry Project”.  Although the handbook was produced for the metal working industries, the principles and noise control methods described have relevance to most industrial sites.  The project was carried out in collaboration with the local authorities in the UK West Midlands (the ‘Black Country’), trade associations, trades unions and various companies.  It was supported by funding from the European Union.