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ISVR Consulting. (Home page).

From 1968 to the present: the history of ISVR Consulting

  1. Services offered.
    1. Development and planning.


    2. Environmental and community noise.
      1. Mineral extraction, waste recycling, dredging, construction and demolition.
      2. Railway noise and vibration.
      3. Noise propagation, modelling and mapping.
      4. Noise from wind turbine generators.
      5. Aircraft noise and sleep disturbance.
      6. Reducing industrial noise - The Black Country Forge and Foundry Project.
      7. Gas turbine noise and vibration control.
      8. Noise from clay target shooting.
      9. PPG 24 Planning and noise - new housing developments.
      10. Assessment of industrial noise to BS 4142.
      11. See also Process plant noise control: preventive versus remedial noise control.
      12. See also Vibration in buildings.


    3. Aircraft noise and vibration.
      1. Aeroacoustics, flow noise, and flow-induced vibration.
      2. Aircraft internal noise and communication.
        • Measurement of ambient noise levels and noise levels from crew headsets on the flight decks of civil aircraft.
        • Design of warning sounds for military and civil aircraft.
        • Development of a specification for passenger public address systems in helicopters.
        • Design assistance and testing of passenger public address in aeroplanes and helicopters.
        • Design and testing of an experimental system to guide passengers to exits of smoke filled cabins.
        • The effect of noise from cabin water sprays on the intelligibility of instructions shouted by cabin crew during aircraft evacuations.
        • Loudspeaker selection and layout for entertainment systems in VIP aircraft.
        • Electroacoustic measurements.

    4. Industrial and machinery noise.
      1. Reducing industrial noise - The Black Country Forge and Foundry Project.
      2. Prediction measurement and assessment of industrial noise and vibration.
      3. Aeroacoustics, flow noise, and flow-induced vibration
      4. The European Machinery Directive and the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations.
      5. Gas turbine noise and vibration control
      6. Noise from wind turbine generators
      7. Process plant noise control: preventive versus remedial noise control

    5. Automotive and Marine Group
      1. Noise transmission in vehicles
      2. Tailpipe and Intake Noise Simulator (TINS)
      3. Marine noise and vibration
      4. The SoundBoat project
      5. Measurement of torsional vibration
      6. Omni-directional sound sources
      7. The “Banger Rig”

    6. Workplace and occupational noise.
      1. Noise levels under motorcycle helmets.
      2. Noise exposures from headphones and earpieces.
      3. Call centre acoustics.
      4. Unusual occupational noise sources.
      5. Noise and hearing protection for firearms users
      6. The Noise at Work Regulations 1989.
      7. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005
      8. See also Reducing industrial noise - The Black Country Forge and Foundry Project.

    7. Laboratory services and qualification testing.
      1. Sound power measurement.
      2. High intensity noise testing.
      3. Sound absorption measurement.
      4. Electroacoustic measurements.
      5. BS EN 50332 tests for headphones and earphones with portable music players

    8. Expert witness services in civil and criminal cases

    9. Product design and development

    10. Specialist measurement techniques
      1. Sound source location using microphone arrays
      2. Laser Doppler Vibrometry
      3. See also Noise exposures from headphones and earpieces

    11. Noise and vibration engineering software development
      • GenView
      • EngWaves

    12. Vibration.
      1. Vibration in buildings and structures
      2. Low-vibration design of buildings for sensitive medical and scientific instruments
      3. Modal analysis and model verification
      4. see also Railway noise and vibration
      5. see also Laser Doppler Vibrometry

    13. Architectural and building acoustics.
      1. The Building Regulations; sound insulation testing.
      2. Acoustics in schools
      3. Whistling buildings; wind-induced noise.
      4. Call centre acoustics.

    14. Numerical modelling and analysis
      • Finite Element Modelling - FEM.
      • Statistical Energy Analysis - SEA.
      • Boundary Element Modelling - BEM.

    15. Communications and speech intelligibility.

    16. Leisure and recreational noise
      1. Noise from children's toys.

    17. Research and development projects, including
      1. Instrument for Soundscape recognition, identification and evaluation.
      2. Ear simulators and hearing aid testing (joint project with the National Physical Laboratory)
      3. The Black Country forge and foundry project

    18. Short courses

    19. Ultrasonic measurements.

    20. Useful documents reprinted (including)
      1. Assessing noise and vibration in buildings using finite element modelling: understanding the factors influencing predictions. C Karatsovis and D Lurcock, Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics 38(1) 2016, 280-287 (pdf 1.11 MB)  
      2. Application of numerical modelling methods to the design of silencers. E Quaranta and S Roberts, Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics 38(1) 2016, 317-326 (pdf 2.63 MB)  
      3. Numerical modelling in acoustics, dynamics and vibroacoustics. M G Smith, Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics 38(1) 2016, 263-271 (pdf 475 KB)
      4. A Baseline for the Assessment of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Contrasting thresholds-by-age for otologically normal persons and typical persons. B.W. Lawton. ISVR Technical Report No. 338 March 2016. (pdf 1130KB)
      5. Factors affecting sound exposure from firing an SA80 high-velocity rifle. G.S. Paddan and M.C. Lower. Applied Acoustics Volume 109, August 2016, Pages 61–68.  This paper may be downloaded free of charge as a pdf file using the above link until 10th May 2016.  Thereafter a subscription to Applied Acoustics or payment will be needed.
      6. Mitigation of railway induced ground vibration by heavy masses next to the track. A. Dijckmans, P. Coulier, J. Jiang‡, M.G.R. Toward*, D.J. Thompson‡, G. Degrande, G. Lombaert Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering Volume 75, August 2015, Pages 158–170.
      7. Reducing freight wagon noise at the source.  Martin Toward, Giacomo Squicciarini, David Thompson. International Raiway Journal, March 2015, pp 47-49.
      8. Acoustic optimisation of a fan test rig. Erika Quaranta and Malcolm Smith. Presentation given at the FFT Acoustic Simulation Conference/Actran Users’ Meeting, 15-16 October 2014, Brussels, Belgium.  (pdf 730 KB)
      9. Track and trackside - Damping down noise. A case study of the effects of a track renewal on train noise. (pdf 1.3MB)
      10. Estimating the performance of rail dampers using laboratory methods and software predictions (pdf 160 KB)
      11. Exposure limits for airborne sound of very high frequency and ultrasonic frequency. (pdf 120 KB)
      12. Rising to the challenge of a ‘Buy Quiet’ campaign
      13. Prediction methodologies for vibration and structure borne noise.
      14. Design issues for micro-generation equipment installed in houses
      15. Instrument for soundscape recognition, identification and evaluation (ISRIE): technology and practical uses.
      16. Instrument for soundscape recognition, identification and evaluation - an overview and potential use in legislative applications (pdf 63KB)
      17. Time domain measurement of sound power output from a vacuum facility. (pdf 180 KB)
      18. Noise source identification using microphone arrays (pdf)
      19. Sound Power Measurements for Hot Exhaust Stacks (pdf)
      20. Reducing noise from an oil refinery cat cracker. (pdf)
      21. Variation of young normal hearing thresholds measured using various patterns of audiometric earphone: Implications for the acoustic coupler and the ear simulator (artificial ear) (pdf)
      22. Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) Recordings of Explosions and Structural Failure Decompressions (pdf)
      23. Audiometric findings in call centre workers exposed to acoustic shock (pdf)
      24. Background information on Head and Torso Simulators and relevant standards (pdf)
      25. A Concise Vocabulary of Audiology and allied topics (html)
      26. Reducing Noise from Forges and Foundries - the Handbook of the Black country Forging and Foundry project
      27. Typical Hearing Thresholds: a Baseline for the Assessment of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by B W Lawton, ISVR Technical Report 272, 1998 (pdf 1.3 MB)
      28. Noise from Toys and its Effect on Hearing. (pdf)
      29. Noise levels and noise reduction under motorcyclist's helmets. (pdf)
      30. Noise levels and communications on the flight decks of civil aircraft. (pdf)
      31. Sources and levels of noise under motorcyclists' helmets. (pdf)
      32. Headphones and the Noise at Work Regulations Health & Safety at Work 1992 (pdf)


  2. Acoustic test facilities.
    1. Reverberation chambers.
      • Large reverberation chamber.
      • Small reverberation chamber.
      • Transmission suite
    2. Large anechoic chamber.
    3. Loudspeaker listening room.
    4. Product development laboratory for noise and vibration.
    5. Downloadable guide to Test Facilities. (Adobe pdf 316 KB)

  3. Contacting us. by post, e-mail, telephone or fax.

  4. Archive of our annual reports, 1994 -2010.
    Although the ISVR no longer produces an annual report, copies of the chapters on ISVR Consulting are here for reference, from 1994 until the last edition for 2010.

  5. How to find us. (directions by road, rail and air, with maps)
    1. Map of the Highfield Campus. (pdf 250 kB)
    2. List and details of local hotels.

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  8. Current vacancies in ISVR Consulting.

  9. Terms and conditions. Our normal conditions of contract.

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