Automotive and Marine Group

The Automotive and Marine Group of ISVR Consulting specialises in noise and vibration issues specific to the automotive industry, though these skills extend naturally to the marine and general rotating machinery disciplines.

The group known previously as the “Automotive Design Advisory Unit” or ADAU now operates under its ISVR identity, as it is the group’s specialisation in sound and vibration which makes it unique amongst automotive consultants.

For over 40 years we have been involved in all aspects of automotive NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) and other closely related automotive activities.

Although routine noise and vibration measurement is regularly carried out, the group’s main expertise lies in more advanced research, in particular the development of new test and prediction techniques and methodologies, and longer term investigations, which would not be appropriate within the high turn-around facilities of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

An increasing activity is assisting suppliers to gain the technology and expertise that they now require to meet the demands of their customers, the vehicle manufacturers.

In addition to the core task of noise and vibration measurement and vehicle development, the group also actively produces advanced engineering software and the instrumentation required to support the new techniques which are being developed.

Although a very small amount of the group’s work is published, the vast majority is commercially confidential.

A small selection of recent projects includes: -

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